Review: Chasing the Green Fairy by Melanie Karsak

Cover for Chasing the Green Fairy by Melanie Karsak

Title: Chasing the Green Fairy

Author: Melanie Karsak

Series: The Airship Racing Chronicles #2

Pages: 223

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The 1824 British airship qualifying race is only a few weeks away but Lily Stargazer finds herself struggling to care after receiving terrible news. She has to find herself again before the race but first she has to deal with Celtic mysteries, fairy lore, and her addictions. 

This is a story about love, heartache, loss, finding yourself, and overcoming addictions. Lily goes through a very emotional and traumatizing shock in this one. She finds herself heartbroken and relapsing with her opium and alcohol addictions. We see Lily hit her lowest point, and struggle to find herself again and the will to put herself back together. I really loved Lily’s strength. She struggles but she never really gives up. Yes, she lets herself grieve and relapse for a while but she still pulls herself through. 

I am heartbroken for Lily, but I am glad that she didn’t let her grief push her away from everyone else she loves, especially Sal. This event also pushed her to realize she only has one life and chance to live to her fullest, otherwise she will be filled with regrets. Once she realizes that she stops holding back from Sal and really embraces their relationship fully, which I loved seeing. 

Overall, this was an emotional but great continuation of Lily’s story. I don’t know if there will be more books but I hope so because I really enjoyed her airship racing adventures. 

Trigger Warnings: alcoholism, drug use, grief, extended illness, death, drug and alcohol relapses, withdrawal

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