Review: Teen Titans: Beast Boy by Kami Garcia

Title: Teen Titans: Beast Boy

Author: Kami Garcia

Illustrator: Gabriel Picolo

Series: Teen Titans #2

Pages: 192

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Garfield “Gar” Logan is trying to impress the popular kids and experience popularity before he leaves high school. What he doesn’t expect is for his body to start drastically growing and changing into wild animals. 

Gar is struggling with common high school issues, like popularity, crushes, and changing bodies. I think Gar’s obsession with being a popular kid was a little much, but at the same time, I can understand it because I remember people who were like that in high school. I liked that Gar frequently tried to do the right thing, but didn’t always think out his actions before he did them. He was reckless but a good teen at heart. 

The color palette and art style were again beautiful for this comic. I love how there were a lot of green undertones to match Beast Boy, just like Ravens were purple. I am really interested in seeing what is going to happen with the meeting with Slade now. Also I can’t wait to see Beast Boy and Raven together!

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