Review: Princess Princess Ever After by K. O’Neill

Cover for Princess Princess Ever After by Kay O'Neill

Title: Princess Princess Ever After

Author: K. O’Neill

Pages: 58

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When princess Amira rescues the kind-hearted Sadie from her prison tower, she finds a beautiful friend and partner.  They have to work together to stop a rampaging troll, bring down a jealous sorceress, and save a kingdom. 

This was an adorable story. Kay O’Neill really writes beautiful graphic novels. Sadie and Amira’s adventures were filled with friendship, acceptance, and a cute dragon. I really enjoyed their journey, especially since this book was only 58 pages. Sadie’s imprisonment was a surprise and I was glad to see her reunited with her kingdom. 

My favorite thing about this graphic novel was the reversal of gender roles, especially during this time. Princess Amira is a heroic adventurer who runs away to be herself. Prince Vladric doesn’t want to be a hero so he instead helps Sadie run her kingdom. It was just a wonderful twist on these gender roles. Also, I absolutely loved that epilogue.  

Overall, this was a super cute Sapphic Rapunzel retelling. I highly recommend this book, or any of Kay O’Neill’s books. 

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2 thoughts on “Review: Princess Princess Ever After by K. O’Neill

    1. Her illustrations are beautiful. I can see why the story doesn’t work for some people since they don’t usually have a lot of depth but these are geared towards middle grade kids so that kind of makes sense. I do prefer the tea dragon series over this book but I still thought this was cute.

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