Review: Do It For the Prestige by Kaya LaSalle

Cover for Do It For the Prestige by Kaya LaSalle

Title: Do It For the Prestige

Author: Kaya LaSalle

Series: The Lady Lotharios #1

Pages: 258

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Arianna King is a rockstar with a reputation. Unfortunately the PR strategist that her manager employed to help is none other than the beautiful woman she hooked up with the night before at a club.

This was a wonderful book. I adored Claire and Ari! They are complete opposites but they work beautifully together. Ari is flirty, charming, and a rockstar who screams sex. She does whatever she wants and isn’t afraid to call out double standards, which is what got her in trouble in the first place. Ari struggled with being true to herself but also being a role model for future female rockers. 

Claire was a controlled, reserved, and dedicated woman. I loved how dedicated to her job and truly loved helping people. She was confident in her skills, which is extremely sexy. I really like her and her dedication to helping Ari, and others with their image. Her struggle with having a career and dating a client was emotional and moving. 

I adored these two and their slow building relationship. While this is a rockstar romance, it was very muted in this book because the focus was on Ari and Claire and fixing Ari’s image. Overall, this was a wonderful book and I am looking forward to starting the next book. 

Trigger Warnings: Sexism in the music industry. Toxic boss. 

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