Review: To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler

Cover for To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler

Title: To Love a Wolf 

Author: Paige Tyler

Series: SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #4

Pages: 353

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

A normal trip to the bank quickly leads to a dangerous situation and SWAT officer Landry Cooper finding The One. Now he just has to prove to her family that he won’t hurt her. 

Cooper has been one of my favorite characters in this series. He is hilarious, sweet, and a great listener. I loved learning about his past and how he became a werewolf. I loved how sweet Cooper was with Everly. Also he handled the werewolf situation very well and didn’t push her, which most men do. 

Everly was a sweet woman with a very overprotective family. I loved that she had no problem standing up to her family for how they were treating Cooper. She was a great heroine, even when she was panicking about the werewolf thing. 

The story in this one was also very interesting because it centered around explosives and a criminal creating homemade bombs. It was a very interesting topic and made for an exciting, and dangerous, story. I did figure out who the bad guy was pretty early but it didn’t ruin the story for me at all because I couldn’t figure out the motives behind the bombings until it was revealed. 

Overall, this was another great addition to this series. Cooper and Everly were an adorable couple and I enjoyed their story. Also, I like that we actually see a hero seeking therapy. 

Trigger Warnings: Everly’s mother was brutally killed in front of her. 

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