Review: The Tea Dragon Festival by K. O’Neill

Cover for The Tea Dragon Festival by Kay O'Neill

Title: The Tea Dragon Festival

Author: K. O’Neil

Series: Tea Dragon #2

Pages: 135

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

In this one we go back in time to when Hesekiel and Erik were still adventuring. This takes place in Erik’s home village and focuses on his niece, Rinn. While foraging for ingredients for the village Rinn comes across a dragon, Aedhan, who has been sleeping for eighty years.

Rinn was a sweet, kind, and adventurous young woman. I loved how dedicated she was to helping the people and tea dragon’s in her village. Aedhan is a dragon who is struggling to come to terms with losing so much time with the village. Their friendship was very sweet and endearing. There is a hint that in the future they will be a couple, just like in the first book. 

My favorite part of this book was Hesekiel and Erik though. I loved seeing them adventuring for a bounty and supporting each other. They are just so sweet and I kind of wish we had a whole series of just their adventures. Overall, this was another beautiful illustrated story with very cute tea dragons and wonderful characters. 

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