Review: Emperor by Anna Hackett

Cover for Emperor by Anna Hackett

Title: Emperor

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Galactic Kings #2

Pages: 264

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Dr. Poppy Ellison woke up alone on an alien world to find that she is turning into a shapeshifter. The more time she spends on Damar and with its Emperor, the more she realizes that she isn’t a normal shifter and that she doesn’t really want to leave. 

This book picked up shortly after the previous story ended. Poppy finally wakes up and is struggling to deal with the sensory overload from being a shifter. I liked that Poppy didn’t just automatically adjust to being a shifter. She struggled and had to learn how to do certain things.  I liked Poppy from the very beginning and loved that she wasn’t afraid to stand up to Brodin. She was smart, compassionate, and will make a great empress. But, I really wish we had learned more about her abilities since she is a unique shifter. 

Brodin is a protective alpha wolf. He is determined to keep his people safe and carries all the burden on his massive shoulders. I liked that while he was extremely protective of Poppy he still let her be a part of their missions and help when she could. He was the perfect blend of extremely protective but willing to bend if necessary. 

I found the enemy in this one very interesting since she dealt with poisons, and also because it was a female. I really enjoyed the battles and all the creatures they fought against. Also we finally get to see what their terrible father looks like and he is definitely going to be an interesting character. 

Overall, this was another very enjoyable alien romance from Anna Hackett. I am really enjoying this Galactic King series and can’t wait to read the next book with Thadd. 

Trigger Warnings: 

  • Poppy was kidnapped and experimented on, which turned her into a shifter. 
  • Poppy’s sister died in an accident when she was a child. 
  • Brodan’s mother and stepfather were killed in a natural disaster. His baby sister died during infancy. (Briefly mentioned)
  • Grief. 

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