Review: Migraine: Inside A World of Invisible Pain by Maria Konnikova

Cover for Migraine: Inside A World of Invisible Pain by Maria Konnikova

Title: Migraine: Inside A World of Invisible Pain

Author: Maria Konnikova

Narrator: Maria Konnikova

Length: 1 hour and 58 mins

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

“I feel guilty about even thinking about attending to myself. You power through, not because you aren’t in pain, but because it’s the only option. Because you’ll be met with a complete lack of understanding if you don’t.”

While this is a very short delve into Migraines, it is very impactful and informative. Maria Konnikova dives into the history of migraines, current theories about causes, and why it is still barely understood. She does suffer from migraines herself and talks about her own personal experiences. 

This book dives into the reasoning why people still don’t get treatment for headaches/migraines. Doctors rarely listen or care about people suffering from migraines, especially if it is a woman. Konnikova termed a new term for how doctors view migraine sufferers: Frueded. When a man seeks help for migraines history has shown that they will test for multiple things until they can pinpoint a potential trigger, but with women they are more likely to say its a panic attack or just hysteria. 

I have suffered from migraines since I was a child. I usually spend about only 5 days a month without a headache or migraine. I have never sought treatment for it because of a lot of the issues that are discussed in this book. I was told when I first started experiencing headaches and migraines that I just needed to deal with it and nothing has changed almost 25 years later. I have taught myself to just deal with it and appreciate the few good days I have.  

“It doesn’t matter what I eliminate from my diet. It doesn’t matter how I exercise or how I reduce my stress. It doesn’t matter how good I have got at self monitoring, seeing the earliest signs of headache and acting early rather than letting it get the better of me. I keep hearing the promise: Give it time, it gets better with age. But for me, for now, it hasn’t.“

I really appreciated Konnikova giving her own insights into her life with migraines in between the history. It is always reassuring to realize you are not the only one just dealing with this problem. Also I never realized you could have just a stomach migraine and I am glad I don’t suffer from them. 

Overall, while this is only two hours long, I highly recommend it if you suffer from migraines or know someone who does. It was really informative and can help you understand what it means to suffer from migraines or headaches. But just remember, everyone’s symptoms are different and every migraine is different. 

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