Review: A Farewell to Charms by Molly Harper

Cover for A Farewell to Charms by Molly Harper

Title: A Farewell to Charms

Author: Molly Harper

Narrators: Jonathan Davis, Amanda Ronconi

Series: Mystic Bayou #6

Length: 7 hours and 26 mins

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Eva Boudreaux has kept her past a secret since moving into Mystic Bayou. What she doesn’t expect is for Alex Lancaster from the League to dig into her background and start asking questions. Or for her to be attracted to him. 

This was another enjoyable Mystic Bayou book. I love this fascinating town and all its different creatures. Eva is a boat mechanic and was introduced in the previous book, Shifter in the Night. She works with Jon and has built a new life in the bayou, even if she doesn’t disclose what kind of supernatural she is. I was really fascinated by Eva and her history. It was a supernatural that I have never read about before and loved learning about her culture and family. Also, I loved that she was stronger and taller than Alex and could pick him up and carry him around (and that he was ok with it.)

“He was hopelessly stupidly in love with Eva. He loved her brains and her hands and her beautiful face.” 

Alex has been a recurring character in this series for a while. He is very dedicated to his job with the League and at times appeared very aloof. I loved getting to know more about his past, why he is so dedicated to his job, and just what kind of man he was. He was a really great hero who never had any issue with Eva taking point or protecting him, which I loved so much. He knows he is human and can’t compete against other supernatural beings so he isn’t afraid to rely on others, which is wonderful to see in a man. 

One of my favorite things about this series is the camaraderie between their little friendship group. They are always accepting new people and taking care of each other. I just absolute love this group and seeing them plan their futures for themselves, and the town, was really great. Also I still really love Beal and his constant need to adopt people. 

Overall, this was a wonderful ending for the series. I really enjoyed every minute of it, even if I am sad that it is ending. I will definitely reread this series in the future because it’s such a unique   town and filled with wonderful characters.

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