Review: The Warrior King by Abigail Owen

Title: The Warrior King

Author: Abigail Owen

Series: Inferno Rising #3

Pages: 356

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Meira Amon has pledged to mate the dragon shifter King Gorgon of the Black Clan, the only problem is that she is extremely attracted and drawn to Samael Veles, the king’s right hand man. 

This book picks up shortly after the previous book ended. Meira is pledging herself to Gorgon but things don’t go as planned when he is kidnapped. This starts an adventure with her and Samael to find him and stop any attacks from the red king. This book involves a lot of jumping around to new places and seeing Meira grow more into her future role as queen. 

Meira was a good heroine. She was tech savvy and was willing to sacrifice her happiness for her sisters. She definitely acted more rash like Skylar and Kaisa than I was expecting her too. Samael was extremely protective of Meira and really cared for her. My biggest issue with him was that he was so honorable he would lie to his king and ignore fate just to keep some semblance of honor. I understood he was an honorable man but I think he took it too far. Also I felt Meira forgave him a little quickly for it. 

Overall, I enjoyed the continuation of this story. I am interested in seeing what is going to happen next since it will be the last sister’s story and the battle is really heating up.  

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One thought on “Review: The Warrior King by Abigail Owen

  1. I haven’t read this one yet but what you said about Samael was exactly the concern I had about the book. In book 2, I got this huge impression about how honorable he is and that it might be an annoying source of contention between him and Meira but overall still be an enjoyable read. Hope to read book 3 this year!

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