December 2021 Reading Wrap Up

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Hello! Can you believe its the last day of 2021!! This year has gone by so quickly, especially the past few months. I do wish that we at least had snow in December but its been in the 50-60s all week and just rainy. I have got a lot of reading done this holiday break though.

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 55

  • New: 40
  • Re-reads:  15


  • eBooks: 43
  • Audiobooks: 5
  • Comics:  6
  • Paperback: 0
  • Hardback: 1


This was a good reading month with mostly 4 and 5 star reads. I hope January is just a good reading month.


  • 11,842 pages

Listening time:

  • 53 hours 26 minutes

Genres and Tropes:

This month was mostly SciFi books. I read all of Hailey Turner’s Metahuman Files series within a week and I didn’t want them to end. I highly recommend that series if you like enhanced human/mm romances.

I read mostly LGBTQ books this month. It wasn’t planned but I loved every minute of it. Also I barely read any holiday books which usually this time of year I am devouring Christmas books. Hopefully I will pick them up again once it starts snowing.


  • Purchased eBook: 25
  • ARCs: 5
  • Purchased Book: 1
  • Library: 4
  • Purchased Audio: 4
  • Free Online: 1
  • Kindle Unlimited: 14
  • Borrowed/Other: 1

Like usual, most of my reading was done with purchased ebooks. I did read quite a few Kindle Unlimited books this month though which I am happy about. I am really bad at not using it for months then binge reading from it all at once.

Most Read Author:

This month’s most read authors were Jennifer Estep and Hailey Turner with M.K. Eidem next.

Favorite Posts of the Month:

Favorite Books of the Month:

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