Review: Pets in Space 6

Cover for Pets in Space 6 anthology

Title: Pets in Space 6

Authors: S. E. Smith, Veronica Scott, Honey Philips, Carol Van Natta, Cassandra Chandler, JC Hay, S. J. Pajonas, Greta van der Rol, Deborah A. Bailey, Melisse Aires, Kyndra Hatch

Pages: 1316

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The overall rating is the average of the following ratings. 

Bahr’s Rebel by S. E. Smith
Series: Marastin Dow #2
Pages: 153
4 stars – It was really good

This was a wonderful alien romance. It’s been years since I read S.E. Smith but I still really enjoy her writing and characters. Raia has accepted a mission to rescue General Behr De’Mar, the leader of the Marastin Dow rebel forces, from a Marastin Dow prison. She was smart, innovative, kind, and just an absolutely wonderful heroine. I loved her. Behr is a strong and protective man who is determined to help his people. He was a wonderful hero and I loved watching him fall for Raia, and her two adorable sidekicks Pi and Chummy. 

This was a wonderful alien romance with a kickass virgin heroine and a serious hero instantly falls for his rescuer. Also, I really want more of just Pi and Chummy stealing food and being cute. 

I am now tempted to go back and reread all of Smith’s books because of how much I enjoyed this one. 

Star Cruise: Time Loop by Veronica Scott
Series: The Sectors #15 (I think) 
Pages: 113
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Raelyn Cantorini is a senior stewardess onboard the cruise ship Nebula Zephyr. When a mystical artifact she recently purchased breaks, she finds herself stuck in a time loop that won’t end until she discovers who is trying to destroy the ship. Along the way she falls for actor and former special forces soldier Kev Gordonn. 

This was an enjoyable time loop romance. Normally, with any kind of media involving a time loop I quickly become bored and annoyed by the repetitiveness of the scenes. I didn’t with this one though. I enjoyed Raelyn’s journey to uncover the culprit behind the explosions and her romance with Kev. Also, I loved how quickly Kev accepted Raelyn’s story about the time loop and how he instantly went into protective soldier mode. 

Also, another very cute and interesting pet in this one. 

The Cyborg With No Name by Honey Philips
Series: Cyborgs On Mars 
Pages: 77
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Dr. Rose Abbot is the scientist who pioneered the technology behind the robotic horses used on Mars. But she quickly becomes disgusted at the way GenCon Corporation treats the animals and leaves. Then one of those horses leads her to an injured cyborg ranger who has no memory. 

Rose and Roy were an adorable couple. I really enjoyed their slowish relationship and how Roy slowly gained his memory. The pets in this one were cool too because they were a mechanical horse and a dog, which is unique. I like that they had a lot of personality too. Overall, this was a very enjoyable cyborg, instant love relationship. I really should read this series because I enjoy Honey Philips writing and this seems like a very interesting world on Mars with cyborgs and mechanical horses.  

P.S. I did go back and read this series and really enjoyed it. If you are looking for a cyborg romance series definitely check it out. 

Escape From Nova Nine by Carol Van Natta
Series: Central Galactic Concordance 
Pages: 125
Rating: 2 stars – It was ok

Zade Lunaso finds himself captured and sent to a mining operation. He is determined to escape, even if no one else ever has, and with the help of Julke Defayendystr it might actually work. 

So this was an interesting story because the world was very interesting. I found the different abilities of these Minders were fascinating and I especially loved how they could interact with the griffins. Julke and Zade were interesting characters but I never felt any love or chemistry between them. They are so focused on getting free that their relationship reads as just a friendship to me, which is one of the reasons why I am rating this so low. 

Another thing is that while this was an interesting world, I found myself getting bored at times because of the lack of romance or real connection between these two. I was expecting more of a connection and while I felt they will be lifelong friends, I can’t envision these two as a couple, even after that ending. 

Trade Secrets by Cassandra Chandler
Series: Department of Homeworld Security #15 (i think)
Pages: 105
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Gwen Williams wants nothing more than to explore space and make contact with aliens. The only problem is her plan works a little too well and she soon finds herself helping a group of aliens. 

This was a cute story. Gwen and Xan have an instant attraction and love that I enjoyed. Gwen has always wanted to meet aliens so the whole experience was a dream come true for her. I loved her excitement at everything and her determination to help. Xan was super sweet and I really liked him. I wish their story had been longer because I wanted to find out who was trying to sabotage this alien base. 

Overall, this was a good instant love alien romance. The world was fascinating and now I want to read more of this series to get the whole story but it’s not necessary to understand this story. Also, Brandt the cat in this was so cute and I want a space cat now. 

See How They Run by JC Hays
Series: TriSystems: Smugglers #3
Pages: 125
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Jesusa Baker is determined to help her friend survive, even if it means stealing some lab mice. But what she doesn’t expect is to end up quarantined with April and the tree mice. Now she can’t ignore her attraction to April. 

This is the first LGBTQ story for this anthology! I enjoyed Baker and April’s friendship and how they slowly admitted their feelings. Baker and April both struggle to discuss their feelings but they eventually work it out. I liked April. They were a great character and I found her abilities to be graceful in antigravity to be fascinating.Their whole family upbringing was also interesting because it was a community one and not individual. 

Baker has spent her life being abandoned by anyone she cared about so she now doesn’t trust anyone. This causes her to appear as heartless to others but it is really a defense mechanism for her. I enjoyed watching her break through the traumas of her past and open up to April. 

Overall, this was a good friend to lovers story. I enjoyed the progression of their relationship and how they worked through their problems. Also the mice were cute. 

Suri’s Sure Thing by S. J. Pajonas
Series:  Kimura Sisters #1
Pages: 115
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Trigger Warning: Controlling and sometimes mentally abusive parents. Threats of homelessness. 

Suri Kimura won’t be going to the Kikoboshi Farewell Ball. She would rather work in orbit and earn more cash. But her father is insistent that she go to the ball with her ex and Suri doesn’t know what to do now. 

This was a good friends to lovers story. Suri and Erik have been friends for years and are always doing things together. When her father pushes Suri to go back out with her ex, she finally realizes that she is in love with Erik. Suri was a great heroine. She was kind and took care of her family. I liked her dedication to her work. 

Suri’s parents were terrible. At least her mother tried to control her father but she also didn’t stop him when he made a decision. I was glad to see that Suri finally stood up to them and wouldn’t let herself be pushed around anymore. I just feel sorry for the rest of her siblings now who still are trapped by their father. 

Erik was a quiet hero but he was perfect for Suri. He has been her friend for years and always goes out of his way to help her and be there for her. I love that he never questioned her feelings for her ex or tried to make excuses for him since they had been friends. These two were cute together and I really enjoyed their adventure in space. Also I loved that they were bonded with dogs who they could talk to.

The Thunder Egg by Greta Van Der Rol
Series: Dryden Universe 
Pages: 128
Rating: 4 stars – It was really good

Trigger warnings: sexual assault, grief from recent parental death

When history professor Drew Torson purchases a thunder egg at market it leads to the discovery of a unique and highly sought after bird. With the help of freighter captain Afra Abrussen he is able to escape danger but loses his heart. 

This was a wonderful space romance. I really enjoyed this unique world with different creatures and races. Drew was a wonderful hero and I really adored when he went all geeky on everyone. Afra was a wonderful heroine who is struggling to keep her ship and deal with her grief. These two really worked well together and I enjoyed their adventure.

Neyru was a wonderful animal. She was unique and fascinating. I enjoyed seeing her grow and try to matchmake. Overall, this was really enjoyable and I think I will check out other books in this series now. 

Worlds of Fire: Metamorphosis by Deborah A. Bailey
Series: Worlds of Fire 
Pages: 80
Rating: 2 stars – It was ok

Asira is determined to pass her exams for alchemy. She becomes the apprentice of Jaydon, a gargoyle shifter, who is well known at the university for his skills as an alchemist. But things don’t go as planned for Asira. 

This was an ok story. Asira was an ok heroine. She has followed her family’s dictates all her life and is being pressured into joining the golden court once she passes her exams. She didn’t really show much personality, especially in the beginning, because she was so used to just doing what was told of her. 

Jaydon was interesting because he was a gargoyle shifter but also very distant. He really wasn’t a great mentor. He was just like read this or go work on formulas by yourself. Their romance was barely there. There was very little romance, flirting, or emotion between these two.  I struggled to get through this one between the lack of romance and the world itself not really interesting me. 

Stranded on Grzbt by Melisse Aires
Series: Far Star
Pages: 117
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

Mimi Stevens finds herself kidnapped by wormlike aliens with three other women. When they see a chance they escape but quickly find they don’t know how to survive. When they come across Kyre Valryssian who understands English they realize they might have found some friends. 

This was a good alien abduction story. I enjoyed Mimi and how determined she was to survive. Kyre was an interesting alien since he knew English. I liked him and his family a lot. These two had an instant attraction that quickly turned to love. I enjoyed this one and will add this author to my list to read. Also Velvet, the alien elephant creature, was adorable. 

Escaping North by Kyndra Hatch
Series: Before the Falls #4
Pages: 97
Rating: 3 stars – I liked it

K’urt Knox is a Korthan cyborg warrior assigned to interrogate the human combatants. His new interrogation quickly gets complicated when he realizes he knows the human female and that she is his mate. 

I really enjoyed this one. The humans and Korthan were once allies but the humans broke the treaty when they terraformed a world that already had life. Sadly, this all seems possible with how our governments work currently. I liked K’urt and Liana. They were childhood friends and now their feelings have just grown. I am very interested in reading more books from this series because I want to know how this war plays out. 

Also I really liked the pets in this one, even if the skydar was a little too spider-like. W’ard was an interesting doglike creature and I love that they bond to the person and can talk to them. 

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