Review: The Magnificent Cyborg by Honey Phillips

Cover for The Magnificent Cyborg by Honey Phillips

Title: The Magnificent Cyborg

Author: Honey Phillips

Series: Cyborgs on Mars #4

Pages: 164 

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

W-246 doesn’t remember how he became a cyborg but he has accepted his role as the new territorial judge. When he encounters Madam Cherry he is instantly smitten but why does she also seem so familiar. 

This was a great second chance romance. Cherry has been one of the few women in this series and I have been wanting to know her story from the beginning. She has had a very interesting and sad past. I like that she set up this brothel business to start a new life away from Earth and to keep the girls safe. She is just a wonderfully developed character. 

Wyatt has amnesia so he doesn’t remember his past with Cherry. It was sad that he doesn’t remember Cherry but it gave them a chance to get to know the people they are now, not the people they were. Wyatt was a great hero and I liked his dedication to helping people. 

Things are definitely ramping up with GenCon in this one. They are getting more out of control and the cyborgs are finally making plans to deal with it. I will be interested in seeing how it plays out in the next book, especially since that one is apparently Serina’s book. 

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