Review: High Plains Cyborg by Honey Phillips

Cover for High Plains Cyborg by Honey Phillips

Title: High Plains Cyborg

Author: Honey Phillips

Series: Cyborgs on Mars #0.5

Pages: 56

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Jo’s partner abandons her as soon as they arrive on Mars it just reinforces that she can only trust herself. She is determined to claim a settlement on Mars but what she doesn’t expect is to be attracted to the town’s cyborg Ranger. 

This was a very quick but good cyborg romance. Jo is determined to build a life on Mars without the help of anyone. She refuses C-487, also known as Clint, help because she is determined to learn how to do everything herself. I loved how Clint let her be independent but still watched over her and helped out around her homestead. He was quite adorable in wooing her. 

This is a very interesting world with cyborgs and creating a life on Mars. I like that these homesteads actually take work and the living on Mars isn’t glossed over. This world is dangerous and Phillips does a good job at portraying that without taking away from the romance building between the couple. I am really interested in seeing how this series goes and learning more about the cyborgs on Mars.

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