Review: Feel the Burn by G. A. Aiken

Cover for Feel the Burn by G. A. Aiken

Title: Feel the Burn

Author: G. A. Aiken

Series: Dragon Kin #7

Pages: 258

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Kachka Shastakova has been sent to hunt down the cults destroying temples around the kingdom. Her and her group of fighters become known as the Scourge of Gods. With the help of King Gaius, Brannie, and the Mì-runach they work to prevent the cult from gaining more power.

Kachka, like her sister Elina, is a very blunt and straightforward woman. She is definitely the opposite of her sister because she has no problems killing or fighting. She is very good at it actually. I just really loved her and her group of Steppe fighters. They were blunt, honest, and loved to fight. 

Gaius finally meets his match with Kachka. He loves her bloodthirstiness and her unique sense of humor. Gaius was just a great hero because he never got in the way of Kachka or her mission. He may have disagreed at times but he still doesn’t stop her, he just goes along to help. I really enjoyed the trouble these two got into and their enjoyment of causing mayhem. They definitely will be a successful couple who are also very deadly. 

I am very interested in seeing how this war against the gods cult will play out, especially with the twins now working alongside their mother. Also, I really want to see more of the Steppe fighters because they were just hilarious together, especially Zoya. 

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