Review: Spider’s Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Cover for Spider's Revenge by Jennifer Estep

Title: Spider’s Revenge

Author: Jennifer Estep

Series: Elemental Assassin #5

Pages: 404

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, is ready to take down Mab Monroe. Unfortunately, Mab knows she is coming so the hit will not be easy. After multiple attempts, Gin finally gets her chance but if she doesn’t take down Mab everyone she knows will be killed, especially her little sister Bria. 

This was an emotional and action packed one for Gin. She attempts to take down Mab and things don’t go as planned multiple times. We see Gin’s confidence waver a little in this book. She doubts herself a few times but she doesn’t give up, which allows her to finally, after many times, take down the powerful and deadly Mab. It was a crazy ending battle for these two but I really enjoyed it. 

We also finally see Gin and Owen cement their relationship and admit their feelings in this one! I love these two and can’t wait to see how their relationship progresses. Finn and Bria also finally admit their attraction as well so it will be interesting seeing how their relationship progresses, especially since Finn was a manwhore.  Also I adore that her found family took care of Gin and wouldn’t let her do any of this by herself. She really has a great family.

Overall, this was a wonderful conclusion to the Mab story ARC. I am really curious to see what will happen next, especially with the city being in such unrest. Also, the information we receive about Sophia seems to indicate that something is going to happen there.

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