Review: This Winter by Alice Oseman

Cover for This Winter by Alice Oseman

Title: This Winter

Author: Alice Oseman

Series: Solitaire #0.5

Pages: 86

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

FYI this book takes place during the Heartstopper series so you should read those first. 

This book is a short novella that takes place on Christmas day and features all three Spring siblings. It is Charlie’s first Christmas since admitting he has an eating disorder and spending time in a psychiatric ward. The story starts from Tori’s POV and shows how she is trying to be supportive of Charlie and not push him. She is there for him if he needs her but she doesn’t push him to talk or eat, which makes her a great sister. I really liked Tori. She was an antisocial kid who I could relate to. 

The next section is told from Charlie’s POV. He is struggling with Christmas because their family has a big feast and it is stressing him out. His family isn’t helping either with their questions and confrontations. He does escape to Nick’s house where he can calm down and actually starts having an ok time. Seeing Nick and Charlie together is always adorable and I just want to hug them both. They are so strong together and I know they can get through it all as long as they are together. Also, Nick’s new puppy is so cute. 

The third section is told from Oliver’s POV. It was short and mostly discussed his loneliness at his brother and sister not playing with him. He understood that Charlie was sick but he didn’t grasp the whole picture. I actually enjoyed his section more than I was expecting. 

Overall, this was a great little novella. I really enjoyed it, even as it was making me want to cry. Also I look forward to learning more about Tori in the next book. 

Trigger Warnings: Descriptions of disordered eating, references to self-harm, and ignorant views regarding mental illness.

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