Review: The Falcon Finds His Mate by Candace Colt

Cover for The Falcon Finds His Mate by Candace Colt

Title: The Falcon Finds His Mate

Author: Candace Colt

Series: Nocturne Falls Universe

Pages: 154

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

Jess Callahan has returned to Nocturne Falls to put her life back together and hopefully get her career back on track. She is determined to keep her distance from one family though, the Fords. But she quickly realizes it isn’t the boy she had a crush on she needs to worry about, its his older brother. 

This was an ok Nocturne Falls romance. Jess was very aloof with Ryan in the beginning but quickly switched gears to attraction. I was hoping for more development with their relationship but it was a very fast insta-love one with little build up between them. 

Jess was interesting though because she had the ability of precog but refused to use it. I wish it had expanded on why she didn’t use her gifts. Ryan is a falcon shifter with an overbearing mother. Ryan and Conner both needed to get away from their mother. She was insufferable with her determination to keep her family pure. I hated her instantly and it made me not really like Ryan because he never stopped his mother from saying hurtful things in front of Jess. 

Overall, this was just ok. I will probably avoid the rest of her books in this series because I can’t stand the mother, or Conner really since he was just a playboy. 

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