ARC Review: Walking in a Witchy Wonderland by Juliette Cross

Cover for Walking in a Witchy Wonderland by Juliette Cross

Title: Walking in a Witchy Wonderland

Author: Juliette Cross

Series: Stay a Spell #3.5

Pages: 211

Release Date: October 5, 2021

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

The overall rating is the average of the following ratings.

Bewitching You a Merry Christmas: 3 stars – I liked it

This story takes place after Wolf Gone Wild. 

This was a cute Christmas scene with Evie breaking a hex, preparing for her twin sister’s birthday party, and spending time with Mateo. These two have a very sex holiday that I wish had been longer because I really love this couple. 

I do hope we get to learn more about the Grim who helped Mateo in the future though. Also I really love the family bond these sisters have and how they take care of each other. 

Rockin’ Around the Hexmas Tree: 3 stars – I liked it

This story takes place after Don’t Hex and Drive. 

Devraj and Isaodra’s sex life goes from hot to scorching during this holiday season. I enjoyed this very steamy story. I had forgotten how much I liked these two. Also I loved that the whole family is doing everything they can to push Violet and Nico together. 

Jingle Bell Rock: 4 stars – It was really good

This story takes place during Witches Get Stitches.

This is JJ and Charlie’s story. I really liked JJ as a side character in previous books so I was happy to see he was getting his own story, even if it is a short one. JJ and Charlie have been friends for years but it takes someone making a move on Charlie that kicks their relationship into gear. I enjoyed this story and these two characters a lot. My only complaint is that once they admitted their feelings I felt that the relationship progressed very quickly in one night. I was really expecting a little bit slower progression since they were so new, but it was still enjoyable. 

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grim: 3 stars – I liked it

This story takes place during Witches Get Stitches.

This was a short introduction to Livvy’s book (at least I think it is). Livvy is participating in a contest and finds herself against a grim who she can’t ignore. Gareth and Livvy have an intense attraction but they are also determined to keep each other at a distance. While this is just a very short introduction, I am really looking forward to their full story because it seems like it will be very good. 

Jingle Spells:  2 stars – it was ok

This book takes place after Witches Get Stitches. 

Nico and Violet are babysitting Evie and Mateo’s triplets for the first time in this short story. While I thought parts of this were cute, I did have one issue with this story. Violet states she isn’t ready for kids in the beginning but instantly changes her mind after taking care of the kids. This is a pet peeve of mine because it just reinforces the whole stereotype that women will change their minds on having kids as soon as they are around them. I know this does happen for some women but I hate seeing it in romance, even in a short story like this one.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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