Review: Our Favorite Songs by Anita Kelly

Cover for Our Favorite Songs by Anita Kelly

Title: Our Favorite Songs

Author: Anita Kelly

Series: Moonlighters #2

Pages: 148

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Aiden and Kai’s story was a great little read. Kai has recently realized he is bi and is still trying to figure things out. When he meets Aiden again he realizes that he had been crushing on him in high school. I really adored Kai. He was adorable, dorky, and also a hunky athletic man. I also like how open he was with his struggle with his mothers death and how he was dealing with it.

Aiden is more reserved and has spent his life following the rules of what he thinks everyone expects of him. Being with Kai makes him be his true self for a night, which terrified him because he doesn’t deal with change well. Aiden is clearly a very anxious person but Kai really helps balance him out. These two are definitely opposites but it works I think. 

These two had a cute relationship with both of them crushing on each other as kids and finally admitting that as adults. I didn’t love that Aiden wouldn’t open up with Kai at first but I know everyone processes things differently. I just wanted to have these two together for longer because they were adorable. Overall, this was a great novella and I look forward to more books from this author. 

Trigger Warnings: Kai’s mother recently died from brain cancer. 

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