Review: Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett

Cover for Crashed on an Ice World by Anna Hackett

Title: Crashed on an Ice World 

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Phoenix Adventures #9

Pages: 171

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Elana Korra has been in love with her best friend and boss Rynan for years. But she finally admits that things need to change. Rynan needs to admit his feelings or she will leave. But first they have to survive crash landing on a n ice planet. 

This was another great, action packed adventure. Rynan is extremely protective and security conscious, which makes him a great security leader for the convoy. He has been friends with Elena for years but has always denied his attraction to her because he is her boss. I really enjoyed watching Rynan struggle to overcome his past and embrace his feelings for Elana. 

Elana was a great heroine. She was smart, tough, and kind. I liked that she realized her current life wasn’t making her happy and set about changing it, even if it went poorly. It showed how courageous she was. 

Elana and Rynan were a great couple who really worked well together. They both had their own childhood traumas to overcome and I think it made them even stronger for it. I am sad that this is the last Phoenix book but it was a great series with some great adventures. I hope we see more space adventures from Hackett in the future. 

Trigger Warnings: Rynan was abused as a child. 

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