August 2021 Reading Wrap Up

I can’t believe the summer is already over and fall is almost here. If you have been following the blog, you have probably noticed less tag posts and more reviews. I took the month of August off from social media and from the blog mostly. I still scheduled reviews but decided I needed a break from other posts. From now on, I will be writing less tag posts because I have found a lot of them are very similar across the different ones. I am only going to do the one that interest me now. I am hoping to write more posts with recommendations or trying other tags in the future.

Now onto August’s stats!

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 47

  • Re-reads: 24
  • DNF: 1
  • ARC’s: 8


  • eBooks: 37
  • Audiobooks: 6
  • Comics: 2
  • Webcomics: 1
  • Paperback: 0
  • Hardback: 1


Bar chart featuring Augusts ratings

August was another month of mostly 4 star books. I did a lot of rereading this month because it was rough and I needed the comfort. Only a few 5 stars but I still consider it a good reading month.


  • 8,666 pages

Listening time:

  • 43 hours 16 minutes

Genres and Tropes:

A pie chart featuring Augusts genres

Another month with a variety of genres.

A pie chart featuring Augusts tropes.

Another month with tropes being all over the place but apparently I read a lot of enemies to lovers this month.


A pie chart for Augusts reading sources

Like usual, most of my books were purchased eBooks. I did read almost an equal amount of library book which is great! I am trying to use my library more.

Most Read Author:

This month I read mostly Nalini Singh and Anna Hackett. Two great authors who I know can always make me feel better.

Goodreads Challenge Update: 

  • 412 out of 450 books read

Favorite Posts of the Month:

Favorite Books of the Month:

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