Review: On a Cyborg Planet by Anna Hackett

Cover for On a Cyborg Planet by Anna Hackett

Title: On a Cyborg Planet

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Phoenix Adventures #4.5

Pages: 85

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Axton Saros, Prime of the planet Centax, is trying to rebuild his world after a vicious coup. He is determined to find a priceless artifact stolen during the attack. He reluctantly teams up with the emotionless CenSec Commander Xenia Alexander to locate the item.

This was another enjoyable cyborg story. Axton seems like a great Prime. He has less enhancements than his brother, Xander, and Xenia, so he feels all his emotions and is open about them. He is struggling to deal with his kidnapping experience and the torture he endured, especially since he still has linger pain from the injuries. I really liked his dedication to restoring his planet and recovering its artifacts. 

Xenia is second in command to Xander. She has many enhancements but has hidden that her dampening filters have never worked. She has kept her emotions a secret and struggles to understand that emotions can make her stronger. I really enjoyed Axton and Xenia’s relationship. It was very fast paced but you can tell they really care for each other. 

The planet of Centax is fascinating and I would love to see more stories from this world, especially after Axton’s remarks of finding a way to enhance without deadening emotions. I really love the variety of aliens and artifacts in this series, and can’t wait to see what will appear in future books. 

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