Review: A Warm Heart in Winter by J. R. Ward

A Warm Heart in Winter by J.R. Ward

Title: A Warm Heart in Winter

Author: J.R. Ward

Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #18.5

Pages: 495

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Blay and Quinn are one of my favorite couples in this series so I was excited to get another book dedicated to them. While this book wasn’t what I expected, I still really enjoyed it. Quinn and Blay’s relationship is solid but they both still have insecurities that end up getting in the way in this book. While I hate seeing my favorite couple having relationship problems, it definitely made these two a stronger couple. 

Luchas’s part in this book was heartbreaking. I never expected this to happen, it did serve as character development for Quinn, who has always been very reckless with his life. I was also glad to see more of Z in this book, who is probably my favorite Brother out of all of them. He really connects with Quinn and helps him push through his grief. As with this whole series, I love the bond between the brothers and how they take care of everyone. 

Overall, this was a wonderful addition to the series. I was expecting a novella since this was book 18.5 but this is a full novel, which was even better. I am now excited to read the next book. 

Trigger Warnings: suicide of a side character

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