Review: Hacking Mr. CEO by Anna Hackett

Cover for Hacking Mr. CEO by Anna Hackett

Title: Hacking Mr. CEO

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Billionaire Heists #3

Pages: 292

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When Remi finds out her foster mother is sick and needs an expensive surgery, she gets desperate and takes a job hacking into the biggest tech company in the world – Rivera Tech. The job quickly becomes more than she expected, especially when it comes to the sexy CEO Maverick Rivera. 

This was a wonderful and action packed ending to the Billionaire Heist trilogy! I loved Maverick and Remi! Remi is a smart, sassy and talented woman. She has a huge adopted family that she helps take care of. In her fear of losing her adopted mother, she makes a mistake but it does lead to finding true happiness with Maverick (a trope which I always enjoy).

From the very beginning I loved the banter between Remi and Maverick. It was lighthearted, smart, and very flirty. It also helped soften up Maverick who has been a bit of a grumpy genius throughout this series. Maverick is like Zane and Liam, a protective alpha male who has been hurt in the past. I loved watching him open up and fall in love with Remi, especially with all the tech speak because it just showed they clicked. 

The Shadow was an interesting enemy and I enjoyed the chase to find and capture him, especially towards the end when it was nonstop action and suspense. I am sad to see the last billionaire bachelor fall in love but it was a very good ending. 

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