July 2021 Reading Wrap Up

July was both a long and short month for me. Some days felt like they would never end and others felt like they flew by. It was a stressful month but at least it was a good reading month for me.

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 61

  • Re-reads: 20
  • DNF: 0
  • ARC’s: 8


July formats pie chart
  • eBooks: 33
  • Audiobooks: 17
  • Comics:  9
  • Paperback: 1
  • Hardback: 1


bar chart featuring July ratings

Another month of 3 and higher ratings, which I am thankful for because it has been a rough month.


11, 224 pages

This is the lowest page amount this year but I listened to a ton of audiobooks this month.

Listening time:

  • 126 hours 45 min

As you can see, I listened to a lot of audiobooks this month.

Genres and Tropes:

Pie chart featuring July genres

July’s reading mostly was paranormal romance, which isn’t surprising considering its my favorite genre. I did get in some SciFi this month though which was great.

Pie chart featuring July tropes

July’s tropes were mainly fated mates (8), steampunk (6), forced proximity (4), and alien abduction (3).


Pie chart for July sources

As usual purchased ebooks was the highest this month. Surprisingly, purchased audiobook came in second with 16 audiobooks. This is the most audiobooks I have ever read in one month.

Most Read Author:

Bar chart showing July's authors

My most read author this month was Molly Harper. I listened to the whole Half-Moon Hollow series. My other frequent authors were Lara Adrian, Ruby Dixon, and Melanie Karsak.

Goodreads Challenge Update: 

Favorite Posts of the Month:

Favorite Books of the Month:

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