Review: Heartstopper Vol. 4 by Alice Osman

Cover for Heartstopper Vol. 4 by Alice Osman

Title: Heartstopper Vol. 4

Author: Alice Osman

Series: Heartstopper #4

Pages: 384

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Trigger Warnings: eating disorders, self harm, self admittance to psychiatric hospital 

In this fourth volume of the Heartstopper series, Nick and Charlie are spending the summer together. Charlie is struggling to tell Nick how he feels, deal with his mental health and eating disorder, and Nick is trying to come out to his father. 

This was another wonderful and emotional volume for Nick and Charlie. I adore these two so much!! Charlie’s struggle to deal with his eating disorder was so heartbreaking and emotional. Nick was a wonderful boyfriend during this time by supporting him and just being there for him. There need to be more Nick’s in the universe because he was just so perfect for Charlie. 

Alice Osman has done a wonderful job portraying how mental illnesses like anxiety and OCD can lead to other problems like anorexia. She captures so much emotion with each panel, you can always feel the love between these two, even when things are rough.

I cannot wait to get my hands on volume 5. Also, now I really need to read her other books, especially the ones about Charlie’s sister and the Nick and Charlie story. 

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