Review: Alphas and Airships by Melanie Karsak

Cover for Alphas and Airships by Melanie Karsak

Title: Alphas and Airships

Author: Melanie Karsak

Series: Steampunk Red Riding Hood #2

Pages: 144

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Clemeny’s new case involves tracking down airship pirates who are werewolves. She is still adjusting to her new scars and lack of vision but she is determined to capture some Viking werewolf airpirates. 

Alphas and Airships was another action packed adventure for Clemeny. I really enjoyed seeing more of this world and all the different modes of travel in it. Clemency was just as dangerous and lethal with her new disability. I liked that while she was never vain about her looks, she still struggles to deal with the new scars and the loss of her sight in one eye. 

Clemeny is also given a new partner for this adventure and I enjoyed Agent Harper. She was smart, resourceful, and determined. I hope we see more of her in the future stories because I think she will make a good Agent and partner. 

I was slightly disappointed that there isn’t a continuation of Clemeny and Richard in this book. Instead we get hints of a potential relationship with someone else and I am interested in seeing where that will go. Overall, this was a great sequel and I can’t wait to see what mission she will be going on next. 

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