Review: Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

Cover for Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

Title: Accidental Sire

Author: Molly Harper

Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Series: Half-Moon Hollow #6

Length: 9 hrs 7 mins

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Meagan is killed in a freak ultimate Frisbee accident, she wakes to find herself a vampire. But it quickly becomes apparent that she isn’t like other vampires. 

While I did enjoy this book overall, it definitely felt different than previous stories. Meagan and Ben’s are not normal vampires and a lot of this book is determining the differences and figuring out how it happened. The majority of this book is Meagan dealing with the changes of becoming a vampire, finding her place in vampire society, and dealing with Jane Jameson in her parental/sire role. 

Meagan was a good heroine but I did feel like her death was a little bit ridiculous. I thought Jane’s death was the worst so far but this one definitely was worse. Meagan and Ben had a cute relationship but we only get the beginning of it because it started so late in this story. For the majority of this book, they weren’t even on friendly terms really, which was kind of disappointing. Ben has been the sweet, lovable guy throughout this series but I felt like he was mostly a butthole in this one. He felt more like a side character in this story than the hero. 

Overall, I enjoyed this one more for the who-done-it mystery going on than for the romance between these two. I think they will be a good couple in the long run but their romance definitely wasn’t the center of this story. 

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