Review: The Single Undead Moms Club by Molly Harper

Cover for The Single Undead Moms Club by Molly Harper

Title: The Single Undead Moms Club

Author: Molly Harper

Narrator: Amanda Ronconi

Series: Half-Moon Hollow #4

Length: 9hrs 45min

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Libby Stratton arranged to be turned into a vampire after she was diagnosed with late-stage cancer. She refuses to leave her seven year old son to his rigid and overbearing grandparents. But there’s a lot more to being a vampire than Libby expected.

This was another interesting and fun adventure. Libby is a desperate mother who doesn’t really consider all the aspects of being a vampire before she puts out a wanted ad for a sire. Libby was a surprisingly tough heroine. She was smart, kind, and wonderful with her son and his friend Harley. I really enjoyed her adventures handling all the changes being a vampire brings and her fight to keep her son from his grandparents. 

While there is romance in this story, it wasn’t the main focus. I did really enjoy Libby and Wayne’s relationship. They started off as enemies but quickly became friends once they realized their son’s were best friends. I really enjoyed their banter, especially in the beginning. Wayne was a tough man who was also really sweet to the kids. Libby and Wayne fit in perfectly with the Half-Moon Hollow vampire gang and I really can’t wait to see how they grow in future books. 

Overall, this was another wonderful story for Half-Moon Hollow. I adore how with each of these books we continue to get updates about previous couples. I especially love that Dick and Jane are now part of the Vampire Council because while they have unorthodox methods I think they are perfectly suited for the role. 

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