Review: Barbarian’s Bride by Ruby Dixon

Cover for Barbarian's Bride by Ruby Dixon

Title: Barbarian’s Bride

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #20

Pages: 179

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Nora says she is happy but Dagesh knows that isn’t completely true. He can tell something is bothering her so he decides she needs a wedding. Instead, he finds that his beautiful mate didn’t need a wedding, she needed something different in bed. 

This was a great story centered around kink, consent, and boundaries. Nora likes to be dominated in bed, and sometimes spanked, but doesn’t really know how to tell Dagesh that. Their story was cute and steamy. Nora was a good heroine who just should have spoken up sooner, but it was understandable why she didn’t. 

Dagesh was adorable, sweet, and surprisingly kinky once he understood it. He always put Nora first and was constantly trying to find things to make her smile, which I loved. His planning for her wedding, while wasn’t the issue, was adorably sweet of him because he was trying so hard to make her happy in her new home. 

Overall, these two were a very cute and steamy couple. I am sad that this series is ending, but after 20 books I think it is a reasonable stopping point. I look forward to the Icehome series and the glimpses of previous couples it will potentially give us. 

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