Review: Barbarian’s Treasure by Ruby Dixon

Cover for Barbarian's Treasure by Ruby Dixon

Title: Barbarian’s Treasure

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #19

Pages: 190

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

Megan and Cashol resonated quickly and everyone thought they hit it off right away, but that wasn’t the case. Megan and Cashol’s relationship was filled with anxiety, abandonment issues, and misunderstandings.

So while I like Megan in the present, past Megan was not my favorite. She suffers from anxiety and abandonment issues, which are understandable considering her history. The abandonment issues caused her to panic and freak out about little situations and misunderstandings. I didn’t like how it made her treat Cashol in the beginning and how she used him to try to secure her place. Also, Megan has a foot fetish, which doesn’t bother me, but it felt like it just kept getting thrown into the scenes abruptly which didn’t work for me. 

Cashol was a sweet and fun alien. He was understanding of Megan’s trauma at losing her baby and tried not to push her in their relationship. I felt sorry for him in the beginning for how Megan treated him but I liked that he set boundaries after that. It made her realize how horrible she was being. 

I definitely prefer this couple now that they are settled and are no longer dealing with the abandonment issues. The present day with them being a family was quite adorable, especially the pet scenes. 

Trigger warnings: Megan is forced to have an abortion by alien kidnappers. She also has anxiety and abandonment issues. 

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