Review: Barbarian’s Seduction by Ruby Dixon

Title: Barbarian Seduction

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #18

Genre: SciFi

Pages: 228

4 stars – It was really good
4 stars – It was really good

Marlene is different from the other human survivors. She isn’t scared, crying and freaking out. Instead she is happy because she knows she is safe. She is also very attracted to the shy Zennek.

Well this was adorable. This book starts in the present and jumps back to Marlene and Zennek’s resonance. I loved how bold Marlene was with her feelings and that she was the one to pursue Zennek. Zennek was an adorably sweet man and I loved how he acted around Marlene. These two were just adorable. 

I am so glad I decided to jump back into this series and get caught up. This was just the perfect low-angst alien romance that I needed. I am looking forward to seeing the other couples fall in love. 

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