Review: American Monsters by Adam Jortner

Title: American Monsters

Author: Adam Jortner

Narrator: Adam Jortner

Genre: Nonfiction

Length: 4hrs 55min

3 stars - I liked it
3 stars – I liked it

In American Monsters, Adam Jortner discusses the real and fictional monsters that have been created in America and how they are related to the history of fear in America. He discusses monster stories, movies, cryptozoology, and the Salem Witch Trials. 

So this audiobook was not what I was expecting, but it was still very interesting. The discussion of the creation of these monsters and how they impacted the world was fascinating, especially since a lot of the times they caused big changes. I found the sections about horror movies and how they impacted history to be very fascinating because I used to be a huge campy horror film fan. 

Another great thing about the audiobook was that Jortner did discuss racist elements for these monsters, especially in Lovecraftโ€™s stories, and in movies like King Kong. I think this was a great inclusion because a lot of people may not catch the racist elements in these movies/stories. My only real complaint with this audiobook was that some of the connections that Jortner presented seemed a little thin, but since this is my first look at something like this it could be that I just donโ€™t know enough about monsters’ impacts on the world. I still really enjoyed the connections he made because it made me think about monsters differently and how they have impacted history. 

Overall, this was an interesting and very different look at monsters. If you want to learn about potential ways monsters have impacted history, I suggest you check out this audiobook. 

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