ARC Review: Dragon Mine by Donna Grant

Cover for Dragon Mine by Donna Grant

Title: Dragon Mine

Author: Donna Grant

Series: Dragon Kings #2

Pages: 265

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Vaughn has spent eons searching for the woman who captured his heart. When a door opens to the dragons, and Con and Rhi’s children, he jumps at the chance to distract himself. Instead he finds himself face-to-face with the woman he fell for. 

We finally return to the realm of dragons! A lot happens in this book, especially for how short it is, but it sets up a whole lot of the storyline for this series. Vaughn has been on the periphery of the Dark Kings series and we finally are getting to learn about him in this book. He has spent eons searching for his mate and he finally finds her in Zora (the dragons realm). I enjoyed Vaughn and Eurwen’s relationship. They have been pining for each other for centuries and are finally together. They do have a few issues to work though but it wasn’t anything major. 

While I did enjoy the relationship between Vaughn and Eurwen, it didn’t feel like the main focus of this story, which isn’t a bad thing but was still surprising. The main focus of this story (at least to me) was the relationship between the dragon realm and the Dragon Kings and the new threat that the dragons are facing on Zora. The new threat is interesting but still very unknown. I really can’t wait to see what the next book will reveal. 

Also we finally get the reunion of Con and Rhi with their twins. As you can imagine, it was a tense reunion with the twins not really understanding their parents actions at first. But the more they actually talk with their parents and spend time with them they start to understand their actions. By the end we start to see them actually working together as a family but things are still a little rocky between them, which is understandable since they raised themselves. 

Overall, I am enjoying this new series and the direction it is taking. I enjoyed Vaughn and Eurwen’s story and the new enemy they are facing. I really want to know more about Brandr now. 

Trigger Warnings: references and brief discussions about miscarriages and child death

*ARC provided by the author for an honest review.*

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