Review: Winter’s Warrior by Scarlett Scott

Winter's Warrior by Scarlett Scott

Title: Winter’s Warrior

Author: Scarlett Scott

Series: The Wicked Winters #13

Pages: 202

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

When Caro Sutton finds an unconscious and bleeding man outside her family’s gaming hell, she doesn’t realize that the man is bare knuckle champion Gavin Winter, one of her family’s enemies. Unfortunately Gavin can’t remember what happened to him or even who he is. 

The last Winter brother finally falls in love! I really enjoyed Gavin and Caro’s story. Gavin has amnesia and is nursed back to help by Caro. The attraction between these two was instant and I loved all the pining they did. Caro was a wonderful, kind hearted, and very smart heroine. I adored her. Gavin was protective and quick to anger but also very sweet towards Caro. I was a little disappointed that we never got to see him actually in a boxing match but I still loved their story. 

Overall, this was a nice, low angst, historical romance with a healer falling for her patient. I am sad that this is the last Winter novel but excited to read the new series with the Sutton siblings. 

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