Review: Blackmailing Mr. Bossman by Anna Hackett

Cover for Blackmailing Mr. Bossman by Anna Hackett

Title: Blackmailing Mr. Bossman

Author: Anna Hackett

Series: Billionaire Heist #2

Pages: 292

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When her friend’s husband gets abducted by a gang of white-collar criminals, Private Investigator Aspen finds herself going undercover as an assistant at the Kensington Group to get closer to the owner Liam. 

This was another wonderful billionaire heist book! Liam and Aspen hit it off instantly and you could just feel the steam coming off of them! Aspen was a heroine that I instantly loved. She is smart, protective, and dedicated to her job as a private investigator. I loved her strength and that she took care of her sisters. She was just a very compassionate woman with a drive to help people. She didn’t like deceiving Liam but she does it because it is her job. 

Liam was an arrogant, protective, and smart businessman. He instantly wants Aspen but she keeps him at arm’s length, which just makes him want her more. I liked Liam and his determination to protect his family. I didn’t like how far he would go to protect his mother and step siblings though. He should have reported his father because he is a predator. 

I really enjoyed the progression of the hunt to find the blackmailers and what they were after. It really brought these two together and showed them to embrace the feelings they were having because life isn’t guaranteed. Overall, I enjoyed these two’s steamy and intense relationship. I can’t wait for the next book because Mav sounds like a fascinating man. 

Trigger Warnings: references to underage sex

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