Review: Sing Anyways by Anita Kelly

Cover for Sing Anyways by Anita Kelly

Title: Sing Anyway

Author: Anita Kelly

Series: Moonlighters #1

Pages: 124

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

When non-binary history professor Sam Bell gets stood up by their friends at karaoke night they find themselves spending time with their karaoke crush, Lily. 

Well this was an adorable novella! Sam and Lily were adorable and sweet together. I just couldn’t get enough of them! I loved the progression of their relationship from crush, to one night stand, to being a couple. I loved the exploration of their hobbies in the getting to know you faze. I found Sam’s hobby fascinating and I can see the appeal in train videos.  Also as a woman who sometimes makes her own clothes, I understood Lily’s joy at creating clothes that people loved and fit properly. 

While I adored these two, I also loved the fact that the main focus of their story was accepting themselves and being loved for who they were. Lily and Sam both struggle with these problems and I think that Anita Kelly did an amazing job at writing about these topics. 

Also I am not a karaoke fan, but I can see the appeal now, especially if you have friends like Sam and Lily do. Overall, this was a very sweet and adorable novella and I look forward to the next book in the series. 

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