Review: Winter’s Wallflower by Scarlett Scott

Cover for Winter's Wallflower by Scarlett Scott

Title: Winter’s Wallflower 

Author: Scarlett Scott

Series: The Wicked Winters #8

Pages: 200

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

Dominic Winters rules his gambling empire with cutthroat determination. When a beautiful and bold woman strikes a bargain with him to save an unworthy lord, Dom is captivated and intrigued. After a remarkable night together she disappears, but he will find her. 

I picked this book up on a whim and I couldn’t put it down. Dom and Adele had a tense and unique relationship that was very hot. Adele is desperate to save her brother from ruin so she offers herself in exchange for his safety. What she doesn’t expect is for Dom to show her what true passion could be like or for him to hunt her down. I really enjoyed Dom’s determination to win her over and to keep her safe. 

Adele was a sweet woman who has always followed the rules but with Dom she finds true happiness and freedom. Dom was an arrogant, protective, and surprisingly sweet man underneath it all. These two were complete opposites but they worked wonderfully together. Adele brought a softness to Dom and showed him true happiness. 

Overall, this was just a very enjoyable historical romance. I really want to see the other Winter siblings find love now so I probably will read the rest of this series.

Trigger warnings:  references of child abuse, neglect, and torture 

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