Review: Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas

Cover for Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas

Title: Then Came You

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Series: The Gamblers of Craven’s #1

Pages: 400

2 stars out of 5
2 stars – it was ok

So I find myself in the minority again when it comes to this book. I absolutely adored the second book in this series and was expecting to love this story but sadly it didn’t really work for me. First, I didn’t really love Lily, which really surprised me because I thought she was fascinating in Craven’s story. 

Lily was a rebel and did what she wanted in society, which I actually really liked her for. I started out really loving her witty and crazy behavior but by halfway through I had grown tired of it. Mainly because of her unwillingness to confide the truth to Alex, especially after she had gotten to know him and knew he would actually help her. Basically she let her rebellious nature cause a lot more stress and anger than was necessary for their relationship and I can’t envision a HEA for these two, just a HFN.

Another issue with this book was Lily’s relationship with her family. She was basically disowned by them but when she shows up at Alex’s they act like there was no bad-blood between them, and even at one point later in the book call her their favorite daughter. It was just all ridiculous and very annoying to me. 

Alex was a wonderful hero though. He was charming, kind, and a little grumpy. He has been hurting from the death of his fiancé but he still tried to do the best for everyone. His engagement with Lily’s sister may not have been a love match but he wasn’t mean about it. For everything that Lily does to him, he was surprisingly calm in his actions. I loved his relationship with his younger brother, Henry. He was just great with kids and I adored him for it. I don’t think I had any issues with Alex at all, it was all Lily. 

Overall, I am sad that this book didn’t work for me but I will still give her other books a chance. 

Trigger Warnings: 

  • Child kidnapping by parent
  • References to the death of a Alex’s fiancé in a horse accident
  • References of child trafficking and abuse

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2 thoughts on “Review: Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas

  1. If you’re into podcasts, the pod FATED MATES does a lot with the second book in this series! They have a whole Derek Craven day and have done (at least) two episodes on it!

    I still need to read this one, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it.

    xoxo, tree

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