Review: Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World by Scott McCormick

Cover for Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World by Scot McCormick

Title: Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World

Author: Scott McCormick

Narrators: Prentice Onayemi, Samantha Turret, Khristine Hvam, Gabriel Vaughan, Josh Hurley

Series: Rivals! #1

Length: 2h 55min

3 stars out of 5
3 stars – I liked it

Rivals! Frenemies Who Changed the World discusses four different rivals throughout history that caused huge changes to their fields. This audiobook covers the feuds between paleontologists Cook and Marsh, Adidas and Puma, Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots, and Hamilton and Burr. 

I found this audiobook to be quite fascinating. I think this is the first history book that I remember a feud causing huge changes to the world. I also loved that the topics in this audiobook were from all different time periods and covered different topics as well. 

The Cook and Marsh discussion was very interesting because I never realized that it was mostly just two men who had discovered a good chunk of dinosaurs. Also because of their actions, it became a very expensive profession and I found that very interesting. Their rivalry was crazy and ridiculous but it did lead to a lot of discoveries, some of which were lies, but still an interesting piece of history. 

The Adidas and Puma rivalry was between two brothers, which I found fascinating. I am not a sports person so I never knew that these two companies started out as one and that it was a family feud. It was interesting and had some unexpected parts, like Nazi party ties. The feud between Queen Mary and Elizabeth was interesting but also confusing because of all the different royals with the same name. I liked it but found myself tuning it out at a few points. The Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr feud was also interesting and a piece of history I never really knew about. I don’t know how I missed that in history class. 

My only complaint with this audiobook was the fake dialogue that was provided between the feuding characters. It was meant to be humorous, which to a kid it probably was, but I found it slightly annoying. But like I said, this is geared towards children so they would probably find it a little funny. Overall, this was a fascinating look at history and I want to listen to the next one. 

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