Review: Hellboy: Weird Tales by Mike Mignola and various

Cover for Hellboy: Weird Tales by Mike Mignola and Various

Title: Hellboy: Weird Tales

Author: Mike Mignola, Various

Pages: 264

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

This is a collection of short Hellboy comics from various artists and writers. These were created during the filming of the first Hellboy movie when Mignola didn’t have time to put out new comics, so they had other artists create stories in this world.

I really enjoyed this weird and unique collection. It was fascinating seeing all the different art styles, some of which I liked more than others. Most of these comics are under five pages so there isn’t a lot of depth to them but they were still fun.  I especially loved the last comic, My Vacation in Hell and the Lobster Johnson comics. 

Overall, this was a great anthology of short Hellboy comics. I really enjoyed the variety of the stories and art, even if they don’t really have any impact on the overall Hellboy universe. 

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