Review: Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Cover for Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Title: Ride Dirty

Author: Laura Kaye

Series: Raven Riders #4

Pages: 138

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Caine McKannon is loyal to the Raven Riders but he still keeps them at a distance. When he rescues Emma Kerry from a mugging he finds himself drawn to someone for the first time. But can he open himself up to the possibility of love. 

This was a wonderful and emotional romance. Caine has been a background character throughout this series so his story was a bit of a surprise. He is a protective man who is doing everything he can to make sure everyone around him is protected. His struggles with the traumas of his past were so heartbreaking and emotional, and it just made me want to reach through the book and hug him. With Emma though Caine finally finds the acceptance and love that has been missing his whole life.  

Emma was just a wonderful, compassionate, and accepting heroine. She never judged Caine for what he has had to do to survive. She embraces all of him and heals a part of him that has been broken since he was a child. Emma and Caine had a beautiful, steamy, and very emotional relationship and I couldn’t get enough of it. 

I can’t get enough of the Raven Riders and really want to see more of them fall in love.

Trigger Warnings: references to childhood neglect, abuse, fire, child death, eating disorders and sex work to survive. 

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