Review: Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea by Mike Mignola

Title: Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea

Author: Mike Mignola, Gary Gianni

Illustrators: Gary Gianni, Dave Stewart

Genre: Fantasy Horror

Pages: 56

3 stars - I liked it
3 stars – I liked it

When Hellboy left the B.R.P.D. he wondered the world for a while. This is part of his journey after he got swept into the sea. 

This was an interesting story for Hellboy. Since leaving the B.R.P.D. he has been pushed from one deadly encounter to another. After he finally washed up, he finds himself a captive on a merchant ship from the past. Hellboy just can’t get a break and we see him spending some time with the dead again. I love how many times he ends up hanging out with dead people throughout these comics. 

Overall, this was a good story. I liked Gianni’s drawing style but still prefer Fegredo, Mignola, and Arcudi’s styles for this world.

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