May 2021 Reading Wrap Up

Reading Stats:

Books Read: 51

  • Re-reads: 20
  • DNF: 2
  • ARC’s: 11


  • eBooks: 33
  • Audiobooks: 9
  • Comics:  9
  • Paperback: 0
  • Hardback: 0

This month I was surprised by how addicted I got to audiobooks. I listened to 6 audiobooks in the past week! Other than that eBooks were my main source of reading. The comics were technically ecomics too so I have technically read 42 ebooks.


This month had a lot of rereads so I ended up with a lot of 4 and 5 stars. I did have two DNFs this month which sucked but it happens. I am surprised it hasn’t happened more often this year actually.


  • 10, 636 pages

Listening time:

  • 51 hours 41 minutes

Genres and Tropes:

I read an equal amount of Contemporary and Paranormal romances. My reading was pretty balanced I think this month which is what I like to see.

This month I read a lot of romantic suspense books, mostly the Hard Ink series and the start of the Raven Riders series. The rest was kind of all over the place.


As usual, the majority of my books were purchased eBooks. I have over 3,000 eBooks and rarely read physical books anymore. I have adjusted chart a little to show borrowed books now because I have been borrowing audiobooks from Audible and couldn’t really count them as purchased. So the borrowed this month were audiobooks.

Most Read Author:

May Most Read Authors bar chart

This month my most read authors included Lara Adrian, Laura Kaye, Mike Mignola, and Shelly Laurenston.

Goodreads Challenge Update: 

  • 247 book out of 450

Favorite Posts of the Month:

Favorite Books of the Month:

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6 thoughts on “May 2021 Reading Wrap Up

  1. Whoa 51 books! I’m in awe!!! Looks like you had such a great month. Also, I’ve gotten so hooked on audiobooks lately too – they’re so easy to listen to while doing mindless tasks (like chores).

    Liked by 1 person

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