Review: Hard to Be Good by Laura Kaye

Cover for Hard to Be Good by Laura Kaye

Title: Hard to Be Good

Author: Laura Kaye

Series: Hard Ink #3.5

Pages: 165

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Jeremey Rixey is struggling to deal with all the changes that have happened in his life. His shop is temporarily closed, someone bombed the building, and people died. The only person who seems to understand is Charlie.

“Love knows no distinctions, it only knows the joy of finding in another everything your soul needs to feel complete.”

This novella is one that I have been waiting for since the first book. Charlie and Jeremy have been helping each other through this time but haven’t voiced their feelings before now. Jeremy is outgoing and flirty, while Charlie is shy and introverted. They are opposites but they work beautifully together. I adored the way Jeremy handled Charlie’s insecurities and fears and how Charlie finally got over his fears and took what he wanted. 

This novella has minimal action compared to the other books but it makes up for it in emotions. These two have a very strong connection that instantly sucks you in. I couldn’t put their story down once it stopped. Also these two may be minor characters but they are a perfect support team for Nick’s team, especially Jeremy who basically gave up his house and work to help. 

Trigger Warnings:

  • References to kidnapping, gangs, human trafficking, and abuse
  • Charlie was kidnapped and was tortured
  • Charlie’s father was not accepting of him being gay. 

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