Review: Hard to Hold On To by Laura Kaye

Cover for Hard to Hold On To by Laura Kaye

Title: Hard to Hold On To

Author: Laura Kaye

Series: Hard Ink #2.5

Pages: 200

5 out of 5 stars
5 stars – I loved it!

Edward “Easy” Cantrell has been hiding his struggles from everyone. But when he meets Jenna, he feels alive for the first time in over a year and realizes he can get better. 

While this is a novella, it was wonderfully written and really packed an emotional punch. Easy has been a very quiet character so far in the series but we really see him open up to Jenna in this one. Being with her makes him realize how far into his depression he has sunk and that he needs help, especially if he wants to be there for her.

“Jenna Dean soothed a very jagged part of his soul.”

Easy and Jenna fall for each other very quickly but they have a very powerful and emotional bond. Jenna and Easy’s relationship while short was also very intimate and bonding. They get to know each other and have intimate moments outside of just sex, like cuddling and just supporting each other during this stressful time. 

This whole series shows the power of brotherhood in the military, but this book really emphasizes it. The scene with Easy reaching out for help was heartbreaking and so powerful. Shane and the team instantly support him and do whatever they can to take steps to help him. These men are not just teammates, they are family. 

While I wish we had had a full novel of Easy and Jenna, this was a wonderful novella and a great addition to the series. 

Trigger Warnings: References to kidnapping, gangs, human trafficking, and abuse. PTSD; depression; suicidal thoughts; epilepsy

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