Review: Bridget’s Bane by Ruby Dixon

Cover for Bridget's Bane by Ruby Dixon

Title: Bridget’s Bane

Author: Ruby Dixon

Series: Icehome #13

Pages: 343

1 out of 5 stars
1 stars – Not for me.

DNF 55% (p. 191)

So I haven’t been a fan of Bridget or A’tam since this series started but I figured I would give their story a try to see if they could redeem themselves. They couldn’t. These two were the most annoying characters ever and I am surprised by how much of this book I actually read. 

My main problem with this story was Bridget though. Their whole problem is a lack of communication, which is a trope I don’t really like, about what they want and like. Bridget refuses to tell A’tam that she didn’t enjoy the sex and that he hurt her. She even admits that she knew they could get past their problems if she just talked to him truthfully but she refused to do that. It was at that point that I realized I would never like her and probably should stop reading. Also her constant refusal to accept help so she didn’t appear weak just reinforced how petty and ridiculous she was, especially when she was injured. 

Bridget also constantly complained about how the aliens pronounced her name yet refused to teach them how to properly pronounce it. You can’t constantly complain about someone’s pronunciation, especially an alien, when you refuse to show them how to say it properly. A’tam at least was trying from the beginning of this book and for that I liked his character a little, but still not a lot. His arrogance was annoying and constant. So this book was a nope for me but I will read the next one since I do like the other characters in this series. 

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