ARC Review: The Tarot Directory: Unlock the Meaning of the Cards, Spreads, and the Mystery of the Tarot by Sarah Bartlett

Cover for The Tarot Directory by Sarah Bartlett

Title: The Tarot Directory: Unlock the Meaning of the Cards, Spreads, and the Mystery of the Tarot

Author: Sarah Bartlett

Pages: 192

4 stars out of five
4 stars – It was really good

In The Tarot Directory, Sarah Bartlett breaks down tarot decks and how to interpret them. She starts by giving a basic history of the tarot and how it grew over time, then goes into breaking down the Major and Minor Arcanum. This is a basic reference guide to tarot and it is a great introduction to how to read and learn about your deck. 

To begin with, this book is broken down into small sections within each chapter. The information is to the point and very clearly written and easy to understand. Within the first chapter, you learn about the history of tarot, basic deck structure, card positions, and other basic things like how to shuffle a deck. She also provides rituals, exercises, and spreads to get a basic understanding of your deck, especially how cleans a new deck. 

Chapter two begins the discussion of the Major Arcanum. Each card is discussed with the key meanings, an in depth meaning, and example interpretations provided. A companion ritual, spell or activity is also provided to help connect with each card. Chapter three moves onto the Minor Arcanum, and again each card is provided key meanings and an in depth description of what it might mean. For the Minor Arcanum activities are provided for sets of cards (like swords 1-5) instead of individual activities. I found all of these descriptions and rituals as very helpful to get to know your cards. 

Chapter four moves into spreads. She starts by providing a variety of three card spreads that are perfect for beginners and then moves onto more complicated spreads with 5+ cards. I found all of these very useful and loved how she broke down how to interpret larger spreads. 

Overall, this was a wonderful reference book that is perfect for beginners and those well versed with tarot. Everything provided can be adapted to most tarot decks and the spreads are great for everyone. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for an introduction to reading tarot decks.

*ARC provided by Netgalley for an honest review.*

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