Review: 1984 by George Orwell

Title: 1984

Author: George Orwell

Narrator: Simon Prebble

Genre: Dystopian SciFi

Length: 11h 22m

Did Not Finish (DNF)
Did Not Finish (DNF)

DNF ~55% (5h 27m left)

So I know this book is supposed to be a masterpiece of dystopian writing and a lot of people love it. Unfortunately, I found this story to be pretty boring. I only listened to as much as I did because it was playing in the background while I worked on a sewing project. 

I found the main character, Winston Smith, to be boring the majority of the time. He was also annoying because he ranted about how he hated women and that they were useless, but as soon as a random woman heโ€™s never talked to told him she loved him, he does a 180 and goes on and on about her. I know this is a dystopian universe that is very controlled and monitored so they have been raised with clear ideas of what is acceptable for men and women, but it was still annoying for me. 

This story was just not for me which is why after two weeks of trying to finish it I have given up. I am at least glad I tried to read it but I will not force myself to finish it because I am no longer in school and this isnโ€™t an assignment. 

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